Sin City

Relocating my family back to Las Vegas came with many questions of why?  How?  Everyone told me how this place couldn't be decent to raise a child or that it's too crazy to keep my peace.  But Las Vegas, to me, is different.

I was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I lived 11 years in a small town, Lexington then moved to Greensboro, NC where I graduated from high school and attended college.  A close friend of mine that I met in college was born and raised in Las Vegas and when I finally had a chance to visit, see the neighborhoods and how people lived, I knew that someday I would call this place my home.  Fast forward to 2010 and I packed up my Toyota Camry and drove from Minneapolis to Las Vegas in 26 hours.

I made a great living, made great friends and I never had a problem with boredom.  There was always something to do and when I needed as escape from the desert, Los Angeles was a simple three and a half hour drive away.  The cost of living reminded me of Greensboro where you could rent an apartment close to the Strip for less than $800 per month.

Over time, I learned about the many things to do here that do not include bars, clubs, and the strip.  Lake Las Vegas, taking a helicopter tour of the grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, and so much more.  

Under this Viva Las Vegas tab, I hope to highlight what all this desert town has to offer: on and off the strip!