The 90s Called...

I was able to check out one of THE greatest R&B groups of all time.


I was so excited I couldn't figure out what to wear!  But I pulled my life together and thankfully my mom was in town to babysit her precious grandson.  It was a much needed night out of the house and kid-free.

The Mirage is beautiful, of course.  The floral decoration as you flow into the busy casino is amazing.  You see many people, couples, families, taking pictures in front of it.  I met Morgan at the box office, retrieved the tickets and we pumped our way to the theater.  I'm an 80's baby, so I remember vividly Boyz II Men on the radio and TV heavily.  Water Runs Dry was always my favorite song of theirs and watching them perform it live made my eyes water.  My favorite member, Nate, made my night. I loved how each member told the back stories on how their songs came about or where they were in their lives when they recorded their hit records.  It was an incredible show with a surprisingly VIBRANT and interactive audience and Im looking forward to seeing it again!


Thank you, Morgan.  We MUST do this again!