Ain't No Party


I had to give myself an intervention.

I planned my son’s entire 3rd birthday party on Pinterest.  From the theme to the invitations to the dessert bar.  I decided to make my son’s cake topper and added party favors to my cart on Amazon.  I bought streamers, decor and glow sticks and found snack recipes.  I was STOKED about celebrating my son becoming a “threenager.” 

But something happened.  I began worrying about the children we planned to invite. Would they actually have fun? Would the older kids feel out of place and bored at a “baby” party? What if Prince has a complete meltdown or is overwhelmed by so many children being there? I also began thinking about the likelihood of people not showing up.  Then I realized that only I would have these thoughts, not Prince.  He would barely have any recollection of a party, so why stress it? Why give myself such a headache on such a special day?

Yes, having a solar system themed birthday party would be fun for him and of course I believe he is deserving of the world, but he’s a pretty relaxed kid. Jumping through a sprinkler or going to the park is exciting for him.  He is not in daycare/school so there are not many children to invite.  His best friends are Mama and Daddy.  

Whenever I brought up his birthday, he would say, “Balloons! Birthday cake!” So guess what he had for his birthday?  A gluten-free, egg-free, cow’s milk-free, almond milk-free birthday cake.  I still made a special cake-topper just for him.  I picked up a bouquet of red and blue balloons. I played music, we took plenty of  photos and video and had a dance party to his favorite songs. We sang the happy birthday song and opened gifts from his Pops, MiMi and GiGi (grandparents) then we had a fun dinner at Benihana. Now THAT sounds like a proper toddler birthday celebration!

I'm not sure when such extravagant birthday parties became the normal but I am so glad I changed my mind. Watching him light up as we performed our rendition of the Happy Birthday song let me know I made the right decision. 


Happy 3rd Birthday, Prince! 


Special thanks to Vegan Bites ( for the delicious cake!