A Whole New World

When Prince was a tiny baby, I would daydream about him.  What will he look like as a toddler?  How tall will he be?  What will he be interested in?  I thought it would be animals or cars, or a character like Mickey Mouse.

Boy was I wrong.  Now, don't get me wrong, Prince absolutely had his moments where he was obsessed with Lightening McQueen from the movie Cars and it was a must that he had his "95" with him when we left the house.  He even had a moment where he memorized Toy Story and played with his Buzz Lightyear for hours at a time.

I never thought my 2-year old son would be fixated with the solar system.  He can name every planet, he knows their order from the sun, and he can tell you a few fun facts about them all.  He will tell you that the asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter and he will also correct you if you say there are nine planets when there are actually eight. When we leave the house, the first thing Prince looks for is the moon in the sky.  His enthusiasm with the universe has taught me so much.  One, I am no science buff.  It's one of my least favorite subjects (math is my least favorite).  Two, the idea of leaving this planet is terrifying so I've had the Milky Way pushed to the back of my brain.

However, I am now also fascinated.  After searching YouTube for interesting solar system videos to show my son, I am amazed at what I've been missing out on for all these years.  How beautiful is Mother Earth?  I'm now thankful for our atmosphere that protects us from harmful sun exposure.  I'm interested in Mars and how humans may one day call it home if we continue to mistreat our planet.

Having a child has changed my life in a way I never imagined.  Prince has blessed me with new eyes, a new perspective on the world and beyond.  When he's asleep, I step out onto my balcony and look up at the moon and stars.  Looking up at the night sky makes me feel so tiny.  It makes my "problems" seem so minuscule.  Thinking about how incredibly large our galaxy is...I realized that the opinion of people I do not know and those that do not care about me no longer matter.  I feel free to live my best life (cliche on the way) and reach for the stars.  I have one life to live (sorry, another cliche) and I will go out satisfied with my choices. And possibly a son that's a rocket scientist.