Prince's Favorite Meal

Using flavorful marinara sauce along with ground beef, ground turkey or ground chicken, this meat sauce is incredibly delicious. With a cup of uncooked blended spinach, the little one is unaware of his leafy green intake with each bite. Paired with steamed rice or gluten-free noodles, this meal fills that tummy up with the perfect amount of protein, veggies and carbs. 

*I feel it is important to let you know how this is an incredible meal to help keep your child regular. * 

This meal is super simple and fast to make. If stored properly, will last up to four days or more in the refrigerator. 


Ground Turkey/Ground Beef/Ground Chicken

1 jar of Marinara sauce of choice

Two large carrots, diced and steamed

One cup of baby spinach

Tablespoon of olive oil  

Salt to taste (optional) 


Completely brown your meat on medium. Add salt (optional). Drain excess fat then add marinara sauce. Simmer on low. 

Dice two carrots and steam until soft and add to simmering sauce. 

Blend a cup of baby spinach with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Add to the simmering sauce.  

Pair this with rice or noodles of choice and enjoy!