Back To Bee

Took me over two years but I'm finally feeling like my old self again. After having my son in 2014 I became, like a lot of mothers, socially awkward. I craved adult conversation but when I was around other adults, I felt as if I didn't have anything to offer except conversing about kids/pregnancy. I absolutely enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom but feeling like my social skills were on life support, I began praying.

My son's father was a big help. With him being away for work, he would send me flowers or funny videos just to remind me that I am more than a mother: I am still a beautiful, humorous, and intelligent woman. I became more specific in my prayers.  I needed to do something for myself.  And out of nowhere, I was contacted by my dance manager from years ago asking if I was available for dance gigs/shows. I panicked at the thought of being away from my son but for my emotional and mental health sake, I had to take her up on the offer. Socializing with 5 other beautiful women, dressing up in fabulous costumes, makeup and styling my hair, having a reason to be beautiful and active again was a liberating feeling. Sometimes I still have separation anxiety, but I have to remind myself that I am doing myself and my baby a favor by "working." It's not about the money, it's really about living a happy and balanced life.