Potty Training

Six months ago, we decided to give potty training a try.  I took Prince into Walmart where he picked out a red potty that resembled a car (he's obsessed with red cars) for about $9.  He gladly sat on it, peed a few times but then decided that it was his worst enemy.  Every time I suggested that he have a seat on the potty, he would cry as if potty was a punishment, no matter what I gave him as entertainment.  I tried giving him his iPad, a book, juice, a toy, singing songs...nothing made him want to sit.

So, I decided that maybe he's simply just not ready and that's ok!  I realized that I allowed pressures from family and friends to prematurely give this a shot.  So, two weeks ago, I ordered him a urinal to potty train with.  After his dad showed him the ropes on standing up to pee, he would stand for several minutes with no pee landing in his urinal.  He was determined to push something out, and he succeeded a few times!  But the frustration set in again and he began to think of potty training as punishment.


We are currently giving Prince a break and Monday, we will begin a diaper-free household.  I will have him diaper free and pants-free so that he will understand what he's been doing in those little Huggies of his.


Any suggestions of potty training boys?  Drop me a comment below!