Dark Angel

I've been looking around for a nice exfoliating cleanser and I believe I've found a winner!

I used to have extremely oily skin.  But I believe living in Las Vegas has changed that.  The dry heat and air has snatched the oil from my skin (and I'm not mad about it!). I now only deal with oil around my nose while wearing makeup. When I have my dance gigs, I wear heavy makeup (the lighting plays NO games).  When I get home, I immediately wash it off.  I use Neutrogena makeup removing wipes to remove the initial layer of makeup then I go for a good scrub to get the makeup out of my pores so I can let my skin breathe.

While in the Miracle Mile shops here in Vegas, I came across Lush.  I've only heard great things about them and I'm not sure why I never tried their products sooner.  I saw a photo of someone using Dark Angel so I asked the associate what it was good for.

1. It absorbs oil.

2. Brightens complexion.

3. Unclogs blocked pores.

So, I tried it and I loved it.  I love the exfoliation.  It was gentle yet effective.  My skin felt hydrated but not oily.  I was happy with how clean my skin felt, and smooth like a baby's bottom.  I have been dealing with a few dark spots on my cheek from breakouts in the past and after a week of using this, I feel that my complexion is a bit brighter and my spots are lightening up.

After washing my face, I always follow up by downing a bottle of water.  Never hurts.