New Foundation

I am home from vacation.  I had a great time soaking up some sun but…

My foundation no longer matches my skin tone because I have a tan!  So, yesterday after lunch I stopped by Bobbi Brown.  I have decided to try a new foundation in a new brand.  I told the makeup artist at the counter about what I needed out of a foundation:

I need even coverage.

I need something that does NOT look cakey.

I need an SPF of 15 or higher.

I need something that does not make me look oily after an hour.

Let me add this: Studio Tech by MAC is not for me.  No matter what I do to prep my skin before applying, I look as if I'm sweating after an hour.  And that is not a good look unless, for some reason, I was looking to achieve a look that says "Hey guys, I just finished working out."  Who wants that?  Also, as I stood at the Bobbi Brown counter, you could literally see the Studio Tech foundation that I was wearing beading up on my face.  

The makeup artist at the counter matched me and I was pleased but I know that the lights inside of department stores can be deceiving.  But anything other than what I was wearing would have been fine at the moment! 

So, today, I have decided to test out my new foundation that met all of my needs.  it is called Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation.  The shade I was matched with is named Golden.  Under the cap is a pump.  Pumps are ok but I would rather control how much I use on my own instead of relying on the pump.  However, it is not a bad feature.  I used my 116 foundation brush by CAO Cosmetics to apply it and I applied a layer.  I could smell the SPF, but after it settled in my skin, I applied another thin layer and I no longer smelled the SPF.


It looked great on my skin.  But instead of waiting for my face to get oily, I decided to hit the gym and put it to a true test.  I ran two miles on the treadmill.  Yes I did!  And when I was done running and doing ab work, I went into the ladies locker room to notice that my makeup did not budge.

I am super pleased with this foundation.  My nose is not oily, nor is my t-zone, cheeks or chin.  So yes, I absolutely recommend this foundation for my oily skin girls.  If you do not believe my experience and you want to try it for yourself, go to your nearest Bobbi Brown, have it applied to your skin and see what it can do for you.  :)