Classic Beauty

During my days as a model over ten years ago, I did many beauty and editorial shoots. But never did I have the opportunity to shoot in my natural glory. 

I had the opportunity to capture dance content with the awesome Tommy Nonstop. And for our video shoot, I decided to pay homage to natural black beauty. A classic red lip and a beautiful, classic fro.  

I felt more than beautiful. I felt regal. Powerful, even. My walk changed, my swagger was on another level. My posture improved and self-love overflowed. 


Lime Crime

My friends know me well. I received a lot of beauty goodies for my Thirtieth birthday.  One gift was super intriguing in particular. Thanks to my doll face friend Bolatito for gifting me TWO sets of Lime Crime Mini Velve-Tins!


I absolutely had to try them on for you guys!  


It's Lit

A very important key to flawless makeup application is great lighting.

While shopping at my favorite store (Ross), I came across a lighted mirror by Revlon.  This was perfect because I've been searching for a new mirror since someone *cough* my son broke the mirror I had.  Good thing is, it did not have lights.

Look at that price!  For $15, I had a new mirror with lighting.  It's not the largest mirror but it is perfect to sit on a vanity or table for an up close and personal experience.  The lighting is a bit warm but still effective.


Budget: Nail'd

I couldn't take it anymore. Getting my son together, packing snacks and a charged up iPad then making our way to the nail salon was the most annoying bi-weekly time of my life. And that's IF I made it two weeks without breaking a nail. Talkative and nosey nail techs didn't make the experience better. Asking about my personal life, annoyed if my son needs my attention, up charging me for ridiculous things like having ONE nail painted a different color: $5.

And the fumes. The smell alone made me feel like I was slowly dying inside, so I can only imagine how my baby boy feels.

And because of not having much time to spend in the salon, I had to pay A LOT extra for fast drying gel polish.


One of the main reasons I implemented a "beauty budget" was because it cost me $50 for a simple fill-in.

Fill-In: $15
Cut down: $5
Broken Nail Repair: $5
Coffin Nail Shape: $5
Gel Polish: $15
Tip: $5
   Total: $50

That's $100 a month, $1,200 a year. Honey, $1,200 is money for an all-inclusive vacation.

So, my solution to pretty nails:


For a fraction of the price of visiting the salon, I can keep a SUPER cute color, design, and/or shape without leaving my house. And yes, on occasion a nail may pop off. But, I keep glue in my bag and it is an easy, painless and FREE fix.  

$50 for a crazy salon visit or $5 and hassle-free?  Easy decision!